Story Time: The (Almost) Worst Final Ever

Hey, everyone. What's good? Story Time!! Grab some popcorn, sit back, relax and listen to my story of unfortunate circumstances. Friday December 11th 2015, 8 AM First of all, any final that's planned on a Friday at 8 AM is destined to suck to some extent already but anyways... I love how California has such … Continue reading Story Time: The (Almost) Worst Final Ever


I Do Artsy Stuff Too

What's up again folks? Outside of my hobby of talking about anything in a semi-sarcastic tone, I also like to do some art (computer, drawing, music, etc). The 2nd link below is a gallery of some of my stuff I did using Processing, which is an open-source Java-based framework for creating art through coding. In … Continue reading I Do Artsy Stuff Too

I’m Not A Party Person (Part 2)

What's good folks? I'm back with more venting concerning my party gripes, which is probably includes more ventilation than most of those house parties have already, anyways.... I mentioned the irritation that went into planning parties last time, but all of that was before I started using Facebook. I'm telling you though, even though Facebook … Continue reading I’m Not A Party Person (Part 2)


I’m Not A Party Person (Part 1)

What's up everyone? What is good in your neck of the woods? If there's one thing everyone who knows me should know about me, I am an introvert. But don't get me wrong, I don't mind occasionally hanging out with a group of close friends from time to time. I just can't do any functions where … Continue reading I’m Not A Party Person (Part 1)


Photo-Bombing Graduation Photos

  What's happening everybody? What's good in your neck of the woods? As I'm writing this, it's almost graduation time over where I'm at (In fact, the ceremonies actually start today as this is posted). So I just had to write a little something for the occasion. Yay! It’s that wonderful, joyous time of the year. … Continue reading Photo-Bombing Graduation Photos



What's good in your neck of the woods folks? I'm bringing my old blog back from the dead (again) after about 3 YEARS. I got bored with blogging, but then I started decided to start performing at open mic events whenever I can. As a result, that kinda brought back my interest in writing. Three … Continue reading Ayyyeee