I (Finally Gave In and) Made An Instagram!

What’s good y’all?

So I’ve been thinking lately…thinking A LOT. There’s some things I’ve honestly never liked about IG before, but I’ve still wanted to use it to get my art out there somehow. With that said, I finally gave in and made an ART SPECIFIC Instagram! Feel free to go follow it if you have an IG too…so I don’t (completely) regret the shit (and so I don’t have to use the storage limit here lol).

Follow me @cyberart_by_justin

(I’m the dude in the santa hat holding the toilet paper)

(It’s the black and white edited pic with a weird color band across my lower face)

I’d appreciate it y’all. Alright, I’m out. Peace.

P.S. I should probably update the contact page now. 😛


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