About Me (Who on Earth is This?)

This is just like that first question you get asked in an interview: “So tell me a little bit about yourself.” It’s so easy, yet so difficult to answer that without completely blanking tf out. Time to do some brainstorming. This probably ain’t suitable for an interview, but I can tell this to some new friends or something like that:

  • I was born and raised in Southern California.
  • What I Like: Peace and Quiet, Comedy and Satire (not the tame rated-PG stuff, but the raw and real comedy), Running, Building stuff with Lego’s when I was real young, art (drawing, music), electronic gadgets, and a close group of friends who can relate to all of that
  • What I Don’t Like (where do I start): slow ass walkers, people who drive too fast, people who drive too slow, most of the radio since 2009, seafood, Windows 10 updates, Hollywood, Disneyland, other theme parks if they end up being crowded, waiting in line, the annoying little kids with iPhones (and you know damn well they don’t need one) who wont shut up and wont stop bumping into you in line, annoying couples who wanna do a Fifty Shades of Grey scene re-enactment next to me in line, the 91 freeway, the 405 freeway, parking lots, talking about anything involving politics (don’t even go there with me), my Facebook friends who post too damn much, construction workers banging a f****** hammer on the roof when I’m trying to take a nap…

But don’t let that longer list of dislikes fool you. I’m actually a nice guy when you get to know me.

  • Other misc. info: I’m a Leo. I don’t know what else to say dammit. I strive not to live my life as a normal everyday citizen. I’m fairly young too (almost 22). I’m an athletic hipster passive-revolutionary nerd if that makes ANY sense. It’s cool if not. But yeah, let’s connect anyways. Alright, I’m out.