Contact (Ayye, Let’s Get In Touch)

What’s good folks? Feel free to contact me for whatever. Ideas, collaborations, whatever.

  • You can E-mail me at my personal e-mail: . I’m usually pretty good at responding to e-mails, and I’ll usually respond to you when I can. Unless you’re one of those e-mail scammers like that Nigerian prince thing or whatever. Then I’m blocking your ass.
  • You can add me on Snapchat at justin-akaapex. I don’t really post anything on there anymore, so you won’t really see any oh so exciting adventures/concerts/food and all of that s***. To be brutally honest, I don’t even really care about 90 percent of the stuff my friends post on there anyways. But if you wanna message me there with the little messenger, that’s cool too.
  • UPDATED 7/27/2017: I gave in and made an IG again…but this is mostly an art page. But if you wanna follow it either way, it’s @an_artisticengineer
  • If you somehow have LINE, you can contact me there too. This one is a bit more popular in Asia, mostly Japan. I use it because I met a lot of foreign exchange Japanese students at school/became friends with a lot of them, therefore pushing me to using the app. Anyways, if you do have it, my ID is justin_j_.



Snapchat: justin-akaapex

Instagram: @an_artisticengineer

LINE: justin_j_