Awful Haikus About Life: Distracted Drivers

What's good folks? I love writing these haikus if you couldn't tell already. So for that, here's yet another fairly straightforward one for the distracted drivers out there: One eye on the road, The other on the cell phone, We better not die. Thank you. Follow Joe Johnson for more awful haikus and stories about … Continue reading Awful Haikus About Life: Distracted Drivers


I Still Watch Cartoons…So?

What's up? What's good in your neck of the woods? So I'm almost 22 years old, and I can proudly say that I still love watching cartoons. Actually, I should put that in the much more broad term: I love watching animations. And it has to be (mostly) the older stuff, as in the shows … Continue reading I Still Watch Cartoons…So?

Academic Integrity: Something Ain’t Right

What's happening folks. I kinda want to take the time to¬†throw in my two cents on an issue at school. Specifically in my area, the engineering department. Earlier, in the week I noticed that my grade for one of my engineering classes wasn't posted yet, even though most of the other classes were already up. … Continue reading Academic Integrity: Something Ain’t Right