I (Finally Gave In and) Made An Instagram!

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Humidity Sucks

What's good internet? What's happenin'? So, it's July. It's summer. It gets hot. I've mentioned this before. However, there's usually one of two exceptions to this rule around here: you live near the beach, or there's monsoonal moisture nearby. I hate the latter. Monsoonal moisture flat out sucks, and I don't give a damn about … Continue reading Humidity Sucks

The Quick Construction Noise Rant

What's good internet? I'm gonna hop right into discussing the annoyance of the hour: Construction Man, I hate this construction going on around the apartments. It's a never ending parade of power tools and orange cones at the moment. A few months back, I was trying to get a nap in to make up for … Continue reading The Quick Construction Noise Rant


I Hate Flies

Shoo fly, don't bother me.


Cussing is Like Seasoning

What's good folks? I'm well aware that I cuss occasionally on this blog. Am I sorry for it? Hell the fuck no. Shoot, this is probably the most comfortable I'll get with cussing online. So with that in mind, I figured that I should throw in my two cents real quick on how I try … Continue reading Cussing is Like Seasoning